“mama’s recipes” = the best recipes

This week’s post doubles as a special shout out to one of my major inspirations in life…my mama. On this lovely Monday, it is her BIRTHDAY! and what a great way to celebrate then to highlight her here on chefcaseyycasii.com. And y’all are in for a serious treat as I am going to let you in on a few of our family recipes! I am fortunate enough to have MANY people in my family who are great cooks, and bakers, thank goodness those genes made it to me…a few of those great family chef’s have passed on their recipes for each generation to enjoy, which is just perfect in so many ways.

I had my mom choose 5 of her favorites and I am going to give y’all the goods below. On top of a delicious outcome, I truly love the handwritten notes, short hand directions, and stained cards the most. How used, loved, and worn they look. If only those recipe cards could talk, ya know? The memories that are made while making each of these recipes is truly what I think is so special. I love finding new recipes on pinterest, or blogs, but the best ones, in my opinion, are those that are handwritten. I have to be honest about how well I master them….no where near as good as the OG, Robin Andrea…but I try! I have convinced myself it will only taste better in time.


Below are the screen shots of each recipe…please reach out with any questions via my contact me page! I am a pro at reading my mother’s handwriting after all these years.

To make this day even better, and to fit this blog/gift theme, I found a VERY talented account on etsy.com and had the below cutting board made for my mom for her birthday! Along with a bag full of her favorite Trader Joe’s goods, this gorgeous, carved, cutting board is the perfect gift for her to come home to after a rather long day! (she wont see this until she opens it… I hope lol) the link to the etsy page is in the caption of the below photo! Supporting small businesses is key! Support this talented artist and give someone special in your life the perfect keep-sake gift!

Leeward Harbor custom designs

Cheers to all the great mamas out there, but today, a special cheers to mine!

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