you are more than enough ; i appreciate you ; thank you

Now more than ever I personally feel it is super important to embrace empathy. Beyond that, now more than ever, we should all be reminding those we love, support, and cherish, that we love, support, and cherish them. There is such a stigma attached to being emotional and open about those emotions and I say fuck that. It only takes a few seconds out of your day to check-in, and you truly may never know how much someone may need to feel that value.

As our parents told us our entire lives..”slow down” ; “Time is going to fly by once you are out of school” ; “enjoy where you’re at”….boy did I not want to hear that. but WOW does it fly. We all start to evolve, settle-in, focus, and often that leaves less time for those in our lives…which is OKAY! but…being conscious of this is key. With everything life is throwing at each of us, it is easy to feel alone, distant, doubtful about many things not just the relationships in your life. I think trying hard to remember those feelings are feelings everyone in your life is feeling from time to time, can really help minimize that negative energy. But wouldn’t it be great if we were all just so much more open about that positive energy it simply drowned out the negative?

This year, in the thanksgiving spirit, (although this is truly an ANY TIME OF YEAR ACTIVITY!) I am writing “Thank You” reminders to some of the important people in my life, both now, and whom have helped shape me. A thank you, and a true reminder that he or she IS enough. The lessons, or impacts he/she has made on my life have mattered…and to think…of all of the other lives they have touched, have also mattered. I think it is so interesting the notion that any person in our dreams we have met, ran into, walked past etc. at some point in our real lives. Even if we don’t recall who, or how we know them. Something so simple impacted so directly. As is each relationship we make. Whether it be a simple acquaintance, lifelong friend, parent, teacher, mailman, check-out lady at the grocery store, co-worker, boss, at any moment, the simple exchange of a “hello, how are you, how’s the dog?” could turn someones day right around.

thank you.jpg
loved these…the elephants symbolize how we never forget…the important moments.

So, let’s vow to wake up and be positive. Wake up and support each other. Wake up and spread love. Know if you are reading this…you matter. you are enough, and I truly thank you for even reading this far through this blog post…it matters to me.



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  1. Michelle says:

    What an awesome post Casey!!!
    You are an amazing young woman!

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  2. Flannagh says:

    I love this! So true too. Definitely a good mood brightener on a cold gray day!

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  3. very interesting topic, outstanding post.

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