sláinte – “Translating to ‘Good Health’ in English, sláinte [SLAHN-chə] is an Irish saying that derives from the Old Irish word slán, meaning “healthy” or “safe”.”

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us! I am a very Irish human, and St. Patrick’s Day was always a holiday my family went above and  beyond to celebrate! From decorations to the food, AND the fact that it is my parents wedding anniversary…truly a great day. So I figured I had to give y’all a good chunk of fun ideas for all ages! Especially if you are like me and can’t believe it is already almost March 17th and are a tad behind in your planning.


Well we must start with the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal … so here are a few links of a variety of ways to make yours! Or ask an elder family member, they’ll know. links to the recipe and details are below each pic!

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Traditional Boiled Dinner                       Crock-pot Corned Beef & Cabbage

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Soda Bread – Grilled Cheese                                     Irish Soda Bread

Capture                   0296afbd07659289d4a063f7444b8a16.jpg

Guinness & Coffee Irish Beef Stew                             17 Irish Appetizers



Tons of INSPO in these next few pics! I love simple, cheap, DIY ideas for holidays. For me I don’t always like reusing the same decorations year to year, so if you make it an easy update on both your time and budget, switching it up every year is totally doable!



And even more inspo here! holidays are so much better with kids, agreed??

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Celtic Knot Cookies                                                                 Fruit Salad

shamrock              5464616eb528747ecc537e8c45c6d165

Shamrock Pretzel Pops                                 17 St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas for Kids


I hope, Irish or not, you have a fabulous weekend. Celebrate with us Irish folk and pour yourself a Guinness, take a shot of baileys, have some corn beef and cabbage, or some Irish soda bread! sláinte to you all!

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