hello spring, lovely to see you

“spring : a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” you ready for it? I certainly am. I LOVE spring time. the weather gets warmer, there are so many fun things that start happening outside, the SUN, and of course a new group of foods are in season! going to share a bit of everything in this post. some info on spring in-season goods, some favorite spring recipes, kid-friendly activities and snacks, decor & DIY fun for post spring cleaning, and so much more!


what’s in season? : 

although many foods grow all year round, when they are “in season”, they tend to be much more appetizing! whether it be richer, or sweeter, or riper etc. some hints on what is in season for the months of spring, look below!

great options to add to your grocery list! I promise you will not regret it. and to make your life EVEN easier…not only will this article of seasonal fruit knowledge give you the foods you should be eating this spring, but below are links to one of my favorite sites, ambitious kitchen. Her monthly guide for recipes in March, April and May will do all the work for you! Just save your favorites, make your grocery list, and get cookin! The link to each month’s directory of recipes and ideas are below each picture!

Spring Recipes! : 







In addition to loving the ambitious kitchen recipes, of course there are just SO many more I have found and pinned, made or put on the “to-do” list along the way I want to share. So below are a few more of my favorite spring time recipes. links below as usual!


Spring Salad Ideas


25 Best Spring Pasta Salads


30 Healthy Spring Recipes



Well most of y’all know me at this point, and if not…well I LOVE to decorate. so below I’m just throwing some inspo at you. vibes, colors, decor DIY ideas etc, etc. I like to get YOUR mind going on what may work for you, not just wordy explanation after wordy explanation on what may have worked for me. we are all different!



And last but certainly the most important…spring time things for the kids! Whether you have your own, babysit, are an auntie, a teacher or just planning ahead, check out the below! Fun activities for all ages. Links to sites with all of the details below each photo if needed! Some will just be pics of the to-do’s! Take tons of pics of the process. Looking back on those will make the cleaning up so worth it.


Spring Activities for Kids


40+ Fun Spring Activities for Kids!



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