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Alright…this is going to be a short and sweet one…with the words that is. Simply a place for you to get exactly what you need out of this post. Often people ask me where I get the recipes I cook from, or how I come up with inspiration for my own ideas in the kitchen. Although a lot of it comes from random finds on pinterest, I have a TON of cookbooks that I actually do rely on often. Now again, a lot of it for me in inspiration. I often substitute or adjust recipes I find in cookbooks to suite my taste buds, or simply what I have in the house.

So, here is a collection of my cookbooks!! Some are still available for you to order, Ill be sure to include links. Some are one of kinds I found at random markets or ones that were passed down to me. Ill share a pic of the book or books, a link if there is one, and a few recipes from each! Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to bookmark this baby for all of your future grocery list/dinner prepping needs! Counting down from 16 here, with the last 4 being my absolute FAVS! 

16. So, this first one was given as a gift. Had no luck finding a link, rather sure they are from Ocean State Job Lot. But either way…check out the recipes I added! Yummy ideas and the all the details you need are below! click each picture to open in a larger format.

15. Another gift set, mystery cookbook. But some delicious recipes! Dressings, trail mix, dinners, desserts! here are a few!

14. Guys….another gift but LINK IS BELOW! Game. Changer. in college. and even more so after college. There are SO many things you can do with ramen….only $8 bucks on amazon!

101 Things to Do With Ramen Noodles!

13. Got this little gem in Nashville, and there are MANY more in the collection. pumped to order more. The second photo tells you how to get yours! Or head on down to Nashville and get it the fun way! (found a copy on amazon..added the link below)

Southern Recipes

12. This one I got through a promo via chefcaseyy_casii on insta and am so glad I did. So many yummy recipes. I haven’t been super ambitious with this one, but have pin marked a few on my list. Link below to grab it on amazon!

Paleo Eats

11. Now these are real gems…found these at an old vintage shop in Rhode Island and HAD to buy. how cool! Filled with soooo many different recipes from people all over the world in the from 1994 & 1999! Look at the prices!!! so funny. Prices have certainly changed…but the recipes on the pages have not.

10. This baby has ALL the info. Knife techniques, slicing & cutting techniques, recipes, with pictures of HOW to do everything! ugh…so helpful. and…it has everything for two people! which is currently, usually, the amount I am cooking for. and things are easy to double! (which this book also walks your through….) Link BELOW!

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

9. Another america’s test kitchen again, and a tad similar to the above book, but with yummy, country home cooking recipes. I have A LOT of recipes flagged in here. link below to get yours!

The Complete Cook’s Country TV Show Cookbook

8. This hardcover, old school cookbook was passed down to me. Which makes it that much more special. there are tons of flagged pages, and its aesthetically pleasing to my counter haha Found the link on amazon! below! (I took off the paper cover as I like the plan look of the hardcover.)

Jane Brody’s Good Food Gourmet

7.  Honestly can’t remember where this guy came from, but one-dish…ONE. key word there for me. Link below!

Everyday One-Dish Meals

6. There are SO many things you can cook in a slow cooker y’all. I LOVE how this book is organized by season. Gives great options, with easy to follow recipes! Link below!

Taste of Home : Slow Cooker

5.  Another one with the MOST detail. Shopping list, what fruits you should choose over how others look/feel. tons of healthy habits to get into, differences between grains, and sugars.ugh the INFO itself is enough to make this one great. link below!

Cooking Light : Healthy Habits Cookbook

4. Alrighty…TOP 4 here we go. ugh…everything about this one y’all. Gwyn did an AWESOME job creating this. the pictures, the easy to follow recipes. The drink options, meal options…perfection. I use this one A LOT. Link below to get your own!

It’s All Easy

3. I am probably not the first to tell you to order this one…Chrissy KILLS it. This is not a “healthy eats” cookbook. this is a real life, delicious recipes that sometimes have not so great things for you in them, cookbook. You’ll wanna click that link…

Cravings – Chrissy Teigen

2. Are you surprised this guy is on here? so many great recipes here from my fav place to grocery shop! And there are a few in the collection. link below!

Trader Joe’s : Skinny Dish

1. Last but certainly not least…my favorite cookbook. The layout of this book is magical. you HAVE to see for yourself. Vegetarian or not…if you love to host, or not, you NEED this baby…link below!

The Forest Feast : Gatherings


That is all for now, let me know which you order!!!! Would love to trade recipe finds!

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