roll call!

ROLL CALL – my fav MA restaurants addition! I often get asked by friends and family “Where should we eat?!”. I used to never, ever know. My young, naive, picky ass would never have been asked, and if she had been the answer probably would have sounded like “uhhh where ever the best pasta and butter is?” BUT the grown, evolved and newly Massachusetts resident me, has a luscious list of a variety of options for you!

So, I figured I would share! Yet another place here on you can come back to! Also I am really loving this whole roll call theme. Thinking I’ll do more? roll call : RI restaurants? roll call : fav farms?

Let’s see if I can make it to 20…in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! That would just be impossible honestly, ya know? & I can guarantee there are places I am forgetting and yet to have explored! I will post a photo after each suggestion, a little blurb about why it’s one of my favs, throw some of my opinions at ya (cause I’m best at that), and then links to each restaurants homepage/menu! Make sure to tag me (chefcaseyy_casii) when you visit one of the locations! I would truly love to know how your experience was!! (:

Alright…here we go!

  1. Capo – ugh, y’all this is a new favorite of mine having recently stumbled upon it’s magical self. It is located in Southie (Boston, MA) and truly is a gem of a location. the first floor has wall sized windows in the front, an amazing modern, rustic vibe inside. plus! there is a basement floor that has live music during dinners some nights, and turns into a club others! SO cool. And the food……..guys. one of the best

    charcuterie boards I have ever had! The pasta combos are endless, and they do the COOLEST thing in my opinion, and give you half orders! so you can order a full bowl and take half home…cause lemme tell you post bread and apps your gonna be full. OR simply order the smaller portion and get the perfect amount! Their espresso martini too….FIRE. Super excited to attend their dinner show next Sunday! Live music, dinner, drinks, good company in an awesome spot?! what more could you ask for?! link next —- Capo – South Boston

  2. Lewis’ – this is one of our neighborhood obsessions. I am not kidding when I say EVERYTHING on this menu is delicious. It is the best local bar/family restaurant in the area in my opinion. There are two sides, bar side and restaurant side. You can dine in, or order out! (we usually order out). The apps are endless, they have SO many tasty options for sides. Not just your normal french fries or onion rings. Tater tots? got em. waffle sweet potato fries? check. onion STRINGS not rings! CHECK. ugh so, so good. Their BBQ pulled pork tacos are one of my go-to’s. Build your own burger? hell yea I will. and the best part…the price tag is no where near the taste level. Truly can you get any better? —-Lewis’ NorwoodLewis' Restaurant 
  3. Acapulco’s – so this obsession for Jared and I actually started at the Newton, MA location. When we moved to Norwood and realized there was one right around the corner…we were PUMPED! and not only was it two minutes away, but I personally like the vibe way better near us! We go here waaay too much, regulars you could call us? haha but we can’t help it! Always start with the queso to go along with the, usually warm, delicious ass chips. I either get the chicken tortilla soup, or the bacon shrimp tacos. (both to DIE for) and Jared always gets the chimichanga w/ chicken! Usually some presidente margs on the side. OH and the price……SO CHEAP! probs another reason it is one of our go-to’s. We will probably see you there if you visit! hahah so cheers to then! —- Acapulco’s
  4. The Knotty Pine – this hidden gem I stumbled upon in college as it is walking distance from where I attended school. Super small, family owned, cash only breakfast place. and the FOOD ugh…is so, so good. They are known for their home fries and let me tell you they do not disappoint! They have huge muffins that you can order and have grilled that literally melt in your mouth. The best part…I now WORK here! haha Usually just Sunday mornings, some Saturday mornings. So come visit! You will thank me later (; —- Knotty Pine
  5. Honeygrow – recently my company moved from the outskirts of Boston to the Seaport of Boston! Our building is gorgeous, modern, and in the heart of downtown Seaport. The options for lunch are ENDLESS. Seriously, there is no shortage of yummy options in any price range, any genre of food, anything you could possibly be craving….we got it. One of the best in the area in my opinion is Honeygrow! It was suggested to me by a friend who knew I would be a fan, and wow was she right. There are so many different variations! Noodles, salads, ground turkey, shrimp, & veggies galore! I usually go with a stir-fry w/ egg noodles, spicy ground turkey, veggies, sesame garlic dressing and some spice! the portions….literally three meals for me. Check it out and let me know what you went with!! Love learning about new delicious combos!  —- Honeygrow
  6. Slate Bar & Grille – another Boston, lunch spot go-to thanks to a good friend of mine that also works in the city. Meeting for lunch is so easy, and the best decision ever especially when we head to Slate. We do probably head here too often…but it’s SO yummy and the price is right. Their salads are delicious, B+ pulled pork & A+ skinny french fries, & A- shrimp tacos. The lunch menu is a tad different than the dinner, but w/ great options!! The perfect location, walking distance to everything, you must add it to your list of Boston go-to’s! —- Slate                        slate
  7. Gather – little bit of a trend here with the location lol…another Boston fav for so many reasons. I actually first tried gather when I stumbled upon it researching a location for a friends birthday dinner. The location and aesthetic of the building is SO awesome. The food is on the healthier side, as well as the pricier side but delicious! We have now hit Gather a few times for lunch (a different lunch menu than dinner as well). I do prefer the dinner menu, few more options and the view of the harbor as the sun sets through the wall of windows is just perfection. —- Gather
  8. Committee – one more before we leave Boston for a bit…this gem is yet again walking distance from my office. I truly can’t get enough of the vibes inside this place. Romantic, modern, mysterious, homey vibes…and the drinks and food…the most whimsical. The menu is in a shareable format but boy is it filling. Each plate is meant to share. Their chef is brilliant y’all. The combination of food is unlike anything I would ever initially try, and am always so, so glad I did. And their drinks…the bartenders and servers are so knowledgeable of the tasty treats they have to offer you really can never go wrong by asking for their opinion. Let me know when you wanna head to Committee…I’ll join you (; —- Committee
  9. BirchTree Bread Company – heading a good ways west now, this gem I found thanks to a friend of mine that recently moved out to western MA. The industrial building that houses this gem of a location has about 3 other amazing spots as well. Stop in BirchTree for a latte and sandwich…maybe some live music. Then head over to Seed to Stem and get lost in the oasis that it is, grab a plant or two for the road. The white room attached to the Crompton Collective is magical. I SHALL be hosting some sort of event here probs having to do with my wedding…just you wait. BTBC has delicious homemade breads to purchase, sandwiches, soups, salads and some A+ coffee. The best hangout spot truly. Get some work done? Catch up with friends? if you’re in the area or live nearby…BirchTree is a must visit. —- BTBC
  10. Coppersmith – shipping back to Boston real quick…Coppersmith has SO much to offer y’all. A friend of mine used to live right down the street and it was one of our fav places to walk over to for a drink on the rooftop bar, an app and wine on the patio, or a quick bite off of the food-truck! They also do a brunch that has some classics (chicken and waffles) on the menu! As most of you may know I am a HUGE brussels sprout fan, and their rendition of crispy sprouts are to die for! They also have a kids menu which a lot of restaurants in the city don’t have, which I think is great!! (and no, not because I order off of it anymore (; ) —- Coppersmith
  11. Barcelona – no, not the country lol ; this Brookline gem is just that, a hidden gem. Although it is very popular, the location is a bit random. I am lucky to have so many friends that are such foodies and take me to explore new places! This being one of them. The food served in tapas format is so expertly made and pairs perfectly with their delicious wine. Another unique feature is the ever-changing menu. The chef is always up to something new. I would say pretty much everything is perfect to share. Choose a 4-5 plates and dive in and experiment with whomever  you choose to bring! It is truly an experience in an atmosphere to boot! —- Barcelona
  12. Murph’s Place – one of the reasons we moved to Norwood was to start fresh in a city neither of us had every lived in but was still an easy commute to our jobs. & one of the best parts of moving to a new city, in my opinion, is finding all the new local businesses!! Nail salon, breakfast place, corner store, you knowww! Hidden gem/hometown restaurants are the best. Murph’s is for sure one of those places for us. Cash only, family owned breakfast places are gold mines to me. Always the best food! You can feel the love man. You can still feel the love even when the check comes! (major key) Y’all better let me know when you give this one a try! Ill be cruising down the road to join ya! —- Murph’s menu murphs
  13. Tavolino – if you know me you know I spend a lot of time at Trader Joe’s. I am smack in the middle of two, one is a bit bigger and carries alcohol, the other doesn’t. I usually head down to Foxborough where the larger one is. Patriot Place, along with hosting my fav sports team, also hosts a TON of great restaurants, & shops. Among the Trader Joe’s and Christmas tree shop that I spend a lot of time in lol, Tavolino has been the perfect place to grab an app and a drink during a shopping trip! Their staff is always great and will make things happen for you! Their charcuterie is so, so good and they will make an individual size for you if you ask nicely! Cheers to that! —- Tavolino
  14. Green Bean – one of my favorite activities is taking barre. Being a dancer, everything about it is perfect to me. I have a whole blog post on it (go check it out when you are done here). A local fav when visiting The Barre New Bedford is Green Bean! Small business favorite for sure. Their coffee, smoothies, and juices are SO yummy! & the perfect treat post a good barre sweat. I haven’t had a chance to try their salads or sandwiches but can only imagine how tasty! They certainly always look delicious! Clearly the beverages are THAT good if they make it on here without me having even tried the food! haha let me know if you do first! —- Green Bean
  15. Port 305 – this is a new favorite of mine and a must visit during the summer. I had no idea how adorable the marina bay parts of Quincy were! There are a handful of restaurants, little shops, apartments, amazing views and lots of boats! I love walking the dock, grabbing a drink at the water club and more recently, grabbing a bite at port 305. Their calamari and fried brussels sprouts are SO good! Their salmon dish is to die for, and drink menu is super fun! But most importantly the view. the most relaxing, perfect set-up. Especially with some good company. You’ll really want to add this one to the list. —- Port 305
  16. Sweet Life – breakfast is my favorite meal but I don’t like eating it at the “normal” breakfast time haha. this gem was shown to me by a friend who knew the content was just too much for me not to visit! Not only is the breakfast food delicious with some very fun, different combos that I don’t usually see on menus, they also have a bakery section! with yummy macarooons! guys. I don’t love macaroons, but these ones are TOO good. melt in your mouth good! It is in Dorchester right on the Quincy line! I would suggest not going at peak times, it is a very popular place! The line tends to get long at peak breakfast/brunch hours! —- Sweet Life
  17. Cafeteria – one of Boston’s main attractions is good ole Newbury St.! I love it. Tons of stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and beautiful brick buildings, trees, tons of people…such a great vibe. Cafeteria is one of my favorite stops no matter why I am on Newbury St.. Whether it is a stop on a day of drinking w/ HUGE drinks split between 4 people (seriously check them out) or for some apps, or a lunch date, regardless of the situation, it is a must stop! There are multiple floors & an adorable patio right out on newbury! and … y’all know my favorite type of food…they do a GREAT brunch. So many yummy options, those truffle fries tho… ugh I could go on, and on. the price point too…is perfect, makes ya wanna spend more (; —- Cafeteria
  18. Sonsie – and once you leave cafeteria, take a short walk a block over and grab a drink or another app at Sonsie! like I said…options are endless on Newbury st. The vibe here is much more, share an app and cheers to a drink! The setting is gorgeous! the whole front wall  opens up and chairs are right up to the edge. From any seat in the restaurant you have a view of newbury. the chairs and tables are all facing the front of the restaurant…such a STATEMENT! ugh I love it. Even in the winter when the large windowed doors are closed, the view is perfect. such a vibe. Let’s meet there soon?? —- Sonsie Boston
  19. Mirasol’s Cafe – shooting down to the south-shore, Mirasol’s is a one of a kind gem. THANK GOD for my gurl MT who graced my life in many ways, one being introducing me to the chippi. I have posted multiple times on my insta enjoying the shit out of my “super charged, super sexy iced coffee”. Guys…this stuff is INSANE. so addicting, so, soooo good. Their bagels, cookies, sandwiches are a perfect match to a chippi. sit for a bit inside the colorful coffee shop, or head to the beach down the street. and just FYI for once you get hooked…they sell it buy the gallon so you can bring a batch home! your welcome —- Mirasol’s Cafe
  20. Cardullo’s – alrighty, last but not least, shooting back up to the Seaport. I love, love, love places where you can get fresh produce & small business goods. In Massachusetts there are SO many small businesses that make homegrown, all natural goods. The best goods you could possibly buy. Not only for yourself, but for that small business. Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious, their fresh deli meats make the perfect sandwich, and their salads…ugh, yum. And then just walls and walls of homemade goods. Wines, nuts, breads, jams, seasonings, etc. etc. I will for sure be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping at cardullo’s! —- Cardullo’s

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