l is for lemons

A little behind here, but let’s get back to it. To catch-up, This will be diving into Joy Bauer’s food info for letters I, J, K, L, M, N, O & P. Instead just the first four. Luckily there are a good amount of shorter categories so it shall flow nicely.

Here we go…

lol so…nothing for I.

J is for…

Jam, Jelly & Preserves -“Spreads, such as jams, jellies, and preserves are made with fresh fruit or fruit juices. Low-sugar versions of these spreads can sweeten a dish and add new flavor possibilities while helping you stick with your weight-loss goals. Because jams, jellies, and preserves (even the low-sugar varieties) are high in concentrated sugar, people with type 2 diabetes should dramatically limit or avoid these spreads because of their elevating effect on blood sugar. Some also contain high-fructose corn syrup and may trigger IBS.” I love me some jelly in so many ways. On the original PB&J, to an English muffin in the morning, or as part of  a charcuterie, we always have a few different kinds in the house. Always looking at organic, or low-sugar versions. LOVE getting them from farmers markets, or little specialty shops.

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  1. Letscurry says:


    Your pictures are so lively and indeed your tagline “aspiring to inspire” goes well with what you write.
    Such a comprehensive blog full of key information.
    I read you haven’t had much of your hands on making lentils, you can take a look at my blog if it helps.

    I wish you enough …..

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