Hi loves! This questionnaire came about from the many questions I get on my Instagram page. I am no expert…but sharing knowledge and research is what its all about! Tips, tricks and recipes I swear by, along with other lifestyle “must haves” is what I love to pass on. The goal here is to share more personalized recipes that cater to your specific lifestyle! Not a meal plan per say, just great ideas for you to take control of your diet and listen to your body!

How it works…you will submit the below details. I will then send you an email with an attached questionnaire, along with some other details and questions in the body of the email. Once you get back to me with your completed questionnaire, I’ll compile must-try recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks, influencers etc. that I think will be staples in your home! Along with some links to products, suggestions on farmers markets/grocery stores in your area, and a few other fun things…(surprises are important!) Interested?? Looking forward to hearing from you!


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